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The Nava NālandāMahāvihāra was established as a true successor of ancient NālandāMahāvihāra in which Philosophy was a prominent part of the entire teaching subjects. Keeping in view,the ancient traditionof Nālandā from its inception, the Department of Philosophy became an important part of it. As a prominent Centre of Philosophy, consideration was made in the Department for Indian Philosophy, logic (Indian and western), comparative philosophy of religion, western Philosophy, Greek philosophy, philosophy of language etc. As Nava NālandāMahāvihāra is a prominent Centre of Buddhism so meticulous care was taken to introduce Philosophies of Buddhism and its different aspects like teachings of the Buddha, Philosophies of Buddhism India and abroad and NavyaNyāya etc. Other than these subjects there are four special papers likeSāṇkhyakārikā,VedāntaSāra, Buddhism outside of India and Buddhist logic or philosophy of Taṇtra or Cāravāka Philosophy.The syllabi of the Department of Philosophy consists of all together sixteen papers in four semesters M.A. I and II.In addition to this Philosophy is also taughtas a subsidiary paper in B.A. Hons.(Pāli) from Sem. I to IV.The Department also engages the research scholars who are pursuing Ph.D. course related to above mentioned subjects. Other than these,Research methodologyand Course work for the Philosophy are also arranged by the Department forthe students in Philosophical traditions. Time and again as the situation permits the Departments also arranges special lectures, seminars, symposiums and workshops etc. Nālandā had a great tradition of dialogue for more than thousands of years. To keep that tradition alive also every year the Departmentof Philosophy arranges NālandaDialogue in which Philosophers and Scientists gather together and discuss Philosophical points according to their own traditions.