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To develop as a hub for a Study and Research in Indian Philosophies / Oriental Philosophies particularly emphasis on Buddhism, Yoga & practical oriented approach, which could help students to co-related philosophical wisdom in day-to-day life by the means of critical thinking, reasoning, judgment and inculcating the essence of Indian Traditions and Values. While imparting teaching and promoting research it will be also emphasized the students as a learning outcome may also find job prospective in higher education as well as a Philosopher Counsellor, Yoga Practitioner, UGC NET and other competitive examinations aspirants. An inner a strength (Ethical/Spiritual/Moral) with Physical & Mental health shall also be the core motive in inculcating the philosophical trainings and responsible citizen. The Department facilitate students:

1. Inculcating Critical thinking
2. Reasoning
3. Moral Values, Ethics, Spirit for serving to Mankind
4. Syllabus based Buddhism
5. Yoga & Health Education
6. Revival of Nalanda dialogue Tradition
7. Text based Teaching & Learning environment