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Brief Description of Post Graduate Department of Tibetan Studies

Establishment of the Department
Realizing the importance of the Tibetan language for the study and research on ancient Indian culture and literature, Ven. BhikkhuJagadishKashyap, the founder Director of Nava NalandaMahavihara, Nalanda introduced the learning of Tibetan language at Nava NalandaMahavihara, Nalanda. The main aim of Ven. Kashyapji was to bring into more intimate relations with another through patient study and research, the different cultures of the East on the basis of their underlying Unity. Therefore, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of Bihar sanctioned a post of Tibetan Lecturer in the Department of Tibetan Studies by its letter no. – 1/NI-04/55 E/4288 dated- 30-07-1956.

Deemed Status and Upgradation of Tibetan Department
Nava NalandaMahavihara, Nalanda became Deemed University status by Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India vide letter no. F. 9-38/2004-U.3 (A) on 13th November, 2006. After getting Deemed status the Department of Tibetan Studies upgraded as a Post Graduate Department.

Motto of Tibetan Department
The motto of the Department is to study and research of the Indo-Tibetan cultural relations. To restore old Sanskrit texts preserved in Tibetan translations and also to make Tibetan texts available in translated version both in Indian and foreign languages; to train Tibetan scholars in the study of Sanskrit and Pali texts and Sanskrit scholars in the study of Tibetan texts. Also to established a research library to cover the Indo-Tibetan Studies field.

Scope to study Tibetan
After securing the degrees of the Tibetan Courses the students may get lots of scope in their career. In the Academic like- Lectureship, Interpreter, in Foreign Embassy and in nonacademic like in the Intelligence Department, Indo Tibetan Boarder Force, Tourist Guide etc.