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Deshratna Dr Rajendra Prasad Central Library

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A Library is a store house of knowledge and is the back-bone of an institution. Earlier, library resources, primarily consisting of books and manuscripts, were stored and preserved for posterity, while modern library is an information center that acquires, organizes, disseminates and provides information in various forms.

Deshratna Dr Rajendra Prasad Central Library of Nava NalandaMahavihara is a notable Indological Library of the region. The total strength of this Library is around 60,000 books including a number of Xylographic Tibetan manuscripts and also some rare Manuscriptsalong with gratis books. It is pertinent to note that the library has enriched its collection by getting the personal libraries of renowned Buddhist scholars like Dr. R.B. Mukherjee, Dr. Nalinkash Dutta, Dr. NathmalTatia, Prof. C.S. Upasak, Prof. Krishna Narayan Prasad Magadh, Prof. Siyaram Tiwari, and Prof. D.K. Barua which is the special feature of NNM Library.

Monday to Saturday – 9.30 am – 6.00 pm

Sunday and Holidays – Closed

  • Library will be accessible to all its members. However Casual Visitors/Research Scholars may access/use the library with due permission of the competent authority.
  • Library Opening Hours and Holidays will be determined by the Library Committee. These may be changed on time to time and notice of any alteration will be given in the library.
  • Library users must leave library by the advertised closing time.
  • Acquisition – Library Acquisition Program comprises of purchase of books and subscription of journals on the recommendation of faculties, researchers and students and approval of Library Purchase Committee besides the receipt of gratis books from individuals and institutions. Notable personal collections are received from:
    • Dr Ras Bihari Mukherjee
    • Prof. Nalinaksh Datta
    • Prof. Nathmal Tatia
    • Prof. C S Upasak
    • Prof. D K Barua
    • Prof .K N Prasad Magadh
    • Prof .Siya Ram Tiwari
  • Technical– Acquired books are technically processed through Colon Classification System and computer database using SLIM21 library software is under preparation for Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) System.
  • Reference – The Library has a good collection of reference books which includes Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Bibliographies, etc. Library users are given Reference Service in order to satisfy their information needs.
  • Theses, Dissertations and Periodical
    Periodical section collects and manages the Journals, Periodicals, Newsletters, Bulletins, Reports, Seminar Proceedings, Theses, Dissertations etc. Periodicals are searchable through the Library OPAC.
  • Circulation
    Circulation section performs the functions of issue, return, reservation of text books and other issuable documents to the library members using circulation module of the SLIM Library software.
  • Manuscripts
    The library has a small collection of manuscripts which were received and procured by its founder Director Bhikkhu Kashyap. As per record, there are more than 500 Manuscripts including the Tibetan Xylography.
  • Reprography
    Photocopying facilities are available to all its users on payment basis for academic purposes

    Timings  9:30 a.m. –  6.00 p.m.  


    Photo Copy Charges 1.00 per page
  • Staff Member
    Following officials are working in the Library :-

    • Dr. K.K.Pandey
    • Bandhan Barua
    • Sarun Kumar
    • Subodh Kumar
    • Shivnandan Ravidas
    • Girija Devi
  • Theses
  • Theses of NNM
  • Dissertations
  • Journal of NNM ŚRI NÃLANDÃ
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