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Sports and Extra Circular ActivitiesSports

Both indoor and outdoor sports are integral part of the University curriculum. Facilities are available for the both indoor and outdoor Sports in the campus.

Water sports – The University has a boat club where facilities for the Water sports are available from October to March every year.

Elocution and Debate – As per the conventions of the ancient Nalanda Mahavihara, NNM emphasiges and encourages its students to participate in regular elocutions and debares, to enrich their abilities of oratory and judgement.

Hostel Superintendent
Shantarakshita Hostel
Dr. Dr. U.Kundala
Contact no. – +91 9415336395

Shilabhadra Arama
Dr. R.P.K. Rana
Contact no. – +91 8877328782
Girls Hostel
Dr. Ruby Kumari
Contact no. – +91 7549612257.
Shantideva International Hostel
Dr. Dhamma Jyoti
Contact no. – +91 9654629588.