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Publication is the result of research happens to be the essential and integral part of an academic institution. Being primarily a research Institute, Nava Nalanda Mahavihara has laid special emphasis on the research and publication projects from its inception. The Mahavihara undertakes various long and short term projects. Short-term projects include the publication of Doctoral theses of our research scholars, Seminar proceedings, research volumes and monographs of faculty and staff members etc. Long-term projects include publication of Pali texts which are not yet published in Devanagari script, Pali Tipiṭakas in Devanagari script, Hindi translation of the Pali Tipiṭaka, cataloguing, critical decipherment and publication of manuscripts.

Nava Nalanda Mahavihara has published the entire Pali Tipiṭaka in 41 volumes in Devanagari script, for the first time in Bharat under the general editorship of Ven. Bhikkhu Jagadish Kashyap, the Founder-Director of Mahavihara in Nineteen Fifty’s. These volumes of Pali Tipiṭaka were edited on the basis of various editions, namely, Chaṭṭha Sangāyana Burmese edition, Simhalese edition, Roman PTS edition and Thai edition. But these volumes were sold in a very short period of time. The demand of Pali Tipiṭaka remained continue. Thereafter, the entire 41 volumes of Pali Tipiṭaka were reprinted in 2017. Apart from Pali Tipiṭaka, 27 volumes of commentaries on Tipiṭaka, have also been published by Mahavihara under the project of Pali Aṭṭhakathā.

The compilation of a comprehensive Pali-Hindi Dictionary, first of its kind in Bharat, was started in 2007 under Dictionary Project. A team of renowned scholars of Pali and Buddhist Studies are working on this project. So far, six volumes of Pali-Hindi Dictionary have been published and the work on the last two volumes is in progress. Eight research volumes of Nava Nalanda Mahavihara have also been published by Mahavihara. A Catalogue of the Lha-Sa Edition of the bKah-hGyur of Tibetan Tipiṭaka Vol.I; Dictionary of Early Buddhist Monastic Terms; Buddhism in Global Perspective including; Bihar to Vihāra, The Pilgrimage Legacy of Xuangzang along with 24 other titles have also been published under General Publications of the Mahavihara. All together 112 books have been published by Mahavihara till date. Publication of some more books are under process.

Although some volumes of the Pali Tipiṭaka have been translated by different scholars and published by different publishers. But no Hindi translation of the complete set of Tipiṭaka is available till today. The plan to undertake the project of translating the entire Pali Tipiṭaka into Hindi has already been approved by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and Mahavihara is going to undertake this important venture very soon.

Now the complete set of Pali Tripitaka (41 Volumes) published from Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, Nalanda is available for sale:

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