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Śrī Nālandā:
Śrī Nālandā is a biannual refereed Journal (Online) ISSN : 2583-679X of Humanities and Social Sciences, aiming at providing a healthy forum for scholarly and authentic views on broad linguistic, historical, social, cultural, philosophical and spiritual issues of engaging human interest.

About the Nalanda :

Nalanda is not merely a place, but a philosophy as well which paved the way for knowledge of the reality of life through profound thoughts and their implementation in day-to-day life. The ancient University of Nalanda i.e. Sri Nalanda Mahavihara (also known as Nalanda Mahavihara) was established by Kumaragupta during the mid–6th Century CE as a Centre of learning encompassing various aspects of life such as languages and literature like Pali, Sanskrit etc. Philosophy, Ayurveda, Astronomy and Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Logic, Buddhavacanas etc. presented through various modes and languages, history, culture and so on so forth.